East Journey

Breakfast in the Hilleberg tent.
During a pause to careen the sled and remove the aluminum rails.
Murphy, Riley, Gulo, and Jasmine.
Krummholz camp, final camp of the east trip, at dawn.
The sled and the content of its “Rookie Bulge” all laid out at the far cache site, February 2003.
The home hearth of the Hilleberg tent on one of the “radio nights.” HF radio warming atop the Coleman stove, for my weekly scheduled call to Kristen.
The far cache grove with wall tent and sled at 42 below zero.
Walking with my snowshoes on my shoulder atop the esker above the far cache, East trip.
Melting fat and snow for preparation of dog food. The big cube in foreground is the aluminum windscreen shielding the cookpot and the 2-burner camp stove.
Mid-day rest stop on the northwest arm of Whitefish Lake, eastbound toward the Thelon.
Lead dog Foxtail enjoying some indoor time at the stopover hunting shack on Whitefish Lake, westbound for home on the 2003 trip.