North Journey

The hut at Maufelly Bay with the dogs picketed in their snow trench.
The team advances through the boulder field above our night-six campsite.
Resupply cache camp at Laverty Lake. Wind-polished ice shows black in the background.
A flat summit photo. Turnaround point on the trip north, at the headwaters of the Back River above Aylmer Lake.
Metal cache barrel and brace with bit, at resupply on Laverty Lake.
Dandy and Flynn, wheel dogs, on Aylmer Lake. Very unusual to have such soft fluffy snow on the barrens in February.
Northbound camp alongside a rapids on upper Hoarfrost River.
Left to right: Jasmine, Fipke, B.J., and Foxtail on Aylmer Lake.
Dogs in their shelter trench, Maufelly Bay, Walmsley.
Late-night return home from North trip. Dave, Kristen, and Annika (hugging Ernie). Photo by Ken Frew.