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Long Night's Journey into Day

Prisoners of War in Hong Kong and Japan, 1941-1945

Charles G. Roland

Additional Drawings and Photographs

  There are 37 illustrations in Long Night's Journey into Day: Prisoners of War in Hong Kong and Japan, 1941-1945. Here are 27 additional photos and drawings. These provide a poignant and compelling window on the world of allied POWs in Hong Kong and Japan in the 1940s. A brief description and credit are included whenever possible. Click the photo or the caption for an enlargement.
  Major John Crawford (L) and POWs in OR at Sham Shui Po Camp, 1945
  Group of Canadian POWs at Sham Shui Po probably August 1945, after Japanese surrender. Back row, left to right: ???, Ray Squires, Lt. Howard Bush, Larry Downing. Front row, left to right: Reg Kerr, ???, Les Canivet. Courtesy Les Canivet.
  POW camp drawing, ca 1943. From autograph book kept by Mac Hawes; loaned by his widow, Mrs. Walter Jenkins.
  Hong Kong POW orderlies at Sham Shui Po in front of barracks used as ``mental ward.'' Back row, left to right: Reg Kerr (WG), Larry Dowling (RCCS), A. Ray Squires (RCCS). Front row, left to right: ??? (RAMC orderly), John Sayers or Sayres (RAMC), Marcel Doiron (RRC). c. 1942-1945. Copied from photo loaned by A. R. Squires, June 1983.
  North Point POW Camp, Hong Kong Island. 1945. The makeshift hospital was the building in left-centre rear, just below larger ship; POWs used to play baseball on the parade-ground, centre. Courtesy Ron Claricoates.
  Ward C-8, Sham Shui Po. August 1945. Included are: Ken Vincent, ``Pop'' Wilmot, Walter Gray (RCAMC), Porter, Jack McIsaac??? Copied from photo loaned by A. R. Squires, June 1983.
  Ken Cambon while a POW in Japan. 1944. Courtesy Ken Cambon.
  Dr. Saito Shunkishi, IJA, Hong Kong. 1942. Courtesy Norman Leath and Peter Starling.
  Bowen Road Military Hospital, Hong, Kong. 1910. Courtesy Norman Leath and Peter Starling.
  Japanese (actually Taiwanese) guards at Sham Shui Po. 1942-45. Photo loaned by Ken Pifher (HCM 1-89).
  Argyle Street Camp. 1942. Note bells on wire.
  Aerial view of Sham Shui Po Camp, 1940s.
  Huts at Sham Shui Po Camp. 1942-45. From A. V. Skvorzov, Chinese Ink and Brush Sketches of Prisoner of War Camp Life in Hong Kong, 25 December 1941-30 August 1945, A. V. Skvorzov, 1945.
  Sham Shui Po sometime during 1944; photographer was Japanese interpreter Tsutada. Back row, MOs Solomon Bard, Albert Rodrigues (now Sir Albert), and Geoffrey Balean. Front row, ``batmen'' Leo Silva, ``Nobby'' Clark, and Carlos Basto. In 1990 only Bard and Rodrigues were still living. Courtesy Dr. Solomon Bard, June 12, 1990. Dr. Bard believes this may be the only photo of POWs, or at least one of a few, actually taken in Sham Shui Po during the war years.
  Men of ``C'' Force marching through Kowloon to Sham Shui Po barracks. November 16, 1941. National Archives of Canada C49742.
  Victoria Harbour, from Hong Kong Island looking north towards Kowloon. 1940s. National Archives of Canada PA 155527.
  The First Canadian Contingent lands at Hong Kong: Canadian troops marching into their new camp on arrival at Hong Kong. November 1941.
  Painting by Will Allister, done just after his release from a POW camp in Japan. It is a generic scene. (September 1945). The original hangs in the home of Allister's brother in Montreal. By permission of both Allister brothers.
  Relatives and friends with parcels for POWs in Sham Shui Po, waiting to have them examined by the Japanese. 1942-1945. Courtesy British Red Cross Archives, neg. 20/2110.
  POW Camp 15B, Shintetsu, Niigata. 1945. NARA 15335-2282, Def. Exh. D-44.
  Aerial photograph of Central British School, Hong Kong Telegraph, February 6, 1937. The school had opened earlier that year. It was used as a POW hospital from April to September 1945 and used by the Japanese as a hospital before that. Hong Kong Telegraph, 6 Feb 1937, courtesy of Mr. David Clinton, KG5, December 1995.
  Painting of stage setting for the play, ``Shootin' High'', performed at Sham Shui Po in 1943. IWM, Edwards, 85/42/1 [WW2B1B 40693], p. 100.
  Capt. H. G. Camp, RA, exPOW Hong Kong, suffering from severe malnutrition. He was taken from Central British School hospital to HMS Oxfordshire, where he is seen attended by Sister S. M. Augustus. September 1945. IWM: A 30523.
  View from Sham Shui Po looking inland. 1940. Courtesy Peter Kifford, United Kingdom.
  Japanese alleged war criminals in the dock at Hong Kong. 5th from left is Tokunaga Isao, former commandent of Hong Kong POW camps. On his left is Dr. Saito Shunkichi, chief Medical Officer at the Hong Kong POW camps. 1946?. National Archives of Canada PA-197472.
  Medical record ID card for Private Norman Pott. ca 1944. Western Canadian Pictorial Index A0592-18625. Private Norman Pott died of pellagra on February 11, 1944.