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Long Night's Journey into Day

Prisoners of War in Hong Kong and Japan, 1941-1945

Charles G. Roland

Additional Drawings and Photographs

  usan: Hello, Im Susan Schellenberg. Rosemary: Im Rosemary Barnes. S: Once, a long time ago, Susan exhibited her art at Womens College Hospital as part of an event honouring the December 6, 1989 massacre of women in Montreal. Susan asked Rosemary to read over the wall text which described her experiences of healing from mental illness. Rosemary said to Susan, R: What youve written is very interesting, but its way too long. You should make it shorter for the exhibit and write a book. Then, so long ago that no one can remember exactly when it occurred, Susan asked Rosemary, S: Do you want to write a book with me? Rosemary said yes. Susan gave Rosemary Conversations Before the End of Time, an art history book of conversations that asked, What, given state of the planet should art be at the end of the millennium? The book inspired Susan and Rosemary to include in their book conversations about mental health care with Susans experiences as the case history. R: Conversations with mental health professionals, feminists, artists and a business woman would explain diverse perspectives on mental health as the 1990s came to an end and the new millennium approached. A book would be easy, completed within six months. In 1996, psychiatrist Dr. Mary Seeman, psychologist Dr. Brenda Toner, sociologist and nurse Dr. Marg Malone, artist Paul Hogan, storyteller the late Helen Porter and businesswoman and sociologist Dr. Gail Regan all gave hours of their time for conversations. S: Transcripts were prepared and these people again gave generously of their time to review and revise these transcripts. A manuscript was prepared, a publisher sought and after many inquiries, a press agreed to review the manuscript. Reviewers - unknown to Susan and Rosemary and unavailable to be thanked publically - made excellent, and positive suggestions for changes, while the press decided it was not the best kind of book for their marketing abilities. R: Susan and Rosemary were discouraged, but revised the manuscript. In 1998, Susans Shedding Skins art was installed as a permanent exhibit in the lobby of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Clarke site. Jean Simpson, Chief Operating Officer at the Centre, and Dr. Paul Garfinkel, President of the Centre and Chair of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto, greatly encouraged both Susans art instillation and the joint book project.