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echolalia by Dennis Cooley

                                     the first thing you should know
                                     about me is   i am
                                     a sound poet
                                                   i wind up &
                                      throw my voice
                into the tent
          : like that

? how you like that
                   neat don’t you think
   all the loops in the system

    some smart guy said well
what’s the point
               it’s canvas isn’t it
             & you say yeah well so what
               it’s paint yr smearing there
               all over the canvas yr words are paint

he’s a real pain in the ass that guy

                              the important thing is
                                   i take soundings see
                              i try to hear myself
                                   try to hear you hearing
          yur eyes grow green & big
             that’s how i find myself that’s how
                            i find you
                i can hear where you sizzle
      & pop