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Table of Contents for
Cruel but Not Unusual: Violence in Canadian Families, 2nd edition, edited by Ramona Alaggia and Cathy Vine

Foreword | The Honourable Margaret Norrie McCain

Acknowledgements | Ramona Alaggia and Cathy Vine


Introduction | Ramona Alaggia and Cathy Vine

1. Voices of Women from the Margins: Re-examining Violence against Women | Deborah Sinclair

2. Family Violence or Woman Abuse? Putting Gender Back into the Canadian Research Equation | Molly Dragiewicz

3. Is This Violence? Is This Sexual Violence? Recognizing and Defining Violence through Dialogue with French-Speaking Women | Ina Motoi

4. Child Corporal Punishment: Violence, Law, and Rights | Anne McGillivray and Joan E. Durrant

5. Violence, Trauma, and Resilience | Michael Ungar and Bruce D. Perry


6. Systemic Oppression, Violence, and Healing in Aboriginal Families and Communities | Cyndy Baskin

7. Violence, Protection, and Empowerment in the Lives of Children and Adults with Disabilities | Richard Sobsey and Sonia A. Sobon

8. Dynamics of Partner Abuse in Sexual and Gender Minority Communities | J. Roy Gillis and Shaindl Diamond

9. Domestic Violence and Child Abuse: Issues for Immigrant and Refugee Families | Ramona Alaggia and Sarah Maiter


10. Children Abused, Neglected, and Living with Violence: An Overview | Cathy Vine, Nico Trocmé, Bruce MacLaurin, and Barbara Fallon

11. Children’s Exposure to Domestic Violence: Integrating Policy, Research, and Practice to Address Children’s Mental Health | Angélique Jenney and Ramona Alaggia

12. Whose Failure to Protect? Child Welfare Interventions When Men Abuse Mothers | Susan Strega

13. Rendering Children Invisible: The Forces at Play during Separation and Divorce in the Context of Family Violence | Rachel Birnbaum

14. Violence against Women: A Structural Perspective | Colleen Lundy

15. Identifying, Assessing, and Treating Men Who Abuse and Women Abused by Intimate Partners | Leslie M. Tutty

16. Elder Abuse and Neglect in Canada: An Overview | Lynn McDonald, Julie Dergal, and April Collins

17. Older People Are Subjects, Not Objects: Reconsidering Theory and Practice in Situations of Elder Abuse | Joan Harbison, Pam McKinley, and Donna Pettipas

Conclusion: Building the Future | Ramona Alaggia and Cathy Vine