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Table of Contents for
Reflections on Cultural Policy: Past, Present and Future, edited by Evan Alderson, Robin Blaser, and Harold Coward


About the Authors

Introduction | Evan Alderson

1. The Recovery of the Public World | Robin Blaser

PART I Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Worldviews and Cultural Policies

2. Culture and Empire: Patronage and Propaganda in the Augustan Age | John Humphrey

3. Medieval Worldviews and Cultural Policies | John Humphrey

4. Aesthetic Monumentality, Technology, and the Renaissance Origins of Modern Picturing | Jonathan Bordo

PART II Modern Worldviews and Cultural Policies

5. Romanticism and the Critique of Culture: The Example of Coleridge’s “On the Prometheus of Aeschylus” | Steven E. Cole

6. The Worldview of William Blake in Relation to | Hazard Adams

7. The Role of Communications Policy in Modern Culture | Gordon Fearn

PART III Postmodern Worldviews and Cultural Policies

8. Iran: Reaction and Revolution in the Postmodern Period | Anthony Welch

9. Modernity, Postmodernity, and Culture | Barry Cooper

10. The Artist and Postmodern Cultural Policies | Robert Kroetsch

11. Among Afterthoughts on this Occasion | Robin Blaser