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Table of Contents for
Weaving Relationships: Canada-Guatemala Solidarity edited by Kathryn Anderson

Prologue: Solidarity’s Roots in a Refugee Camp




I: Setting Solidarity in Context

Map of Guatemala

1. A Brief Historical Overview

2. Maya Refugees—From Exodus to Return

II: Weaving Threads of Solidarity

3. Project Accompaniment—A Canadian Response

A. The Poor Accompany the Poor

B. The Refugees Plan Their Return with Accompaniment

C. Project Accompaniment is Born

4. Accompaniment in War and Peace

A. A Triumphant Return

B. Crisis and Confrontation

C. Life and Death in the Return Process

D. Accompaniment after the Peace Accords

5. Project A Comes to a Close

A. Making the Decision

B. Unresolved Issues

6. The Christian Task Force on Central America in British Columbia

A. Solidarity’s Origins in Latin America and Canada

B. Kindling the Vision in British Columbia

C. The Christian Task Force is Formed

7. Breaking the Silence in the Maritimes

Phase 1: Network-Building 1988–1996

Phase 2: Strengthening Relationships 1997–1999

Phase 3: Forming a Covenant Relationship 1999–

III: A Tapestry with Many Forms

8. New Forms of Solidarity

A. Building Public Awareness

B. Encounters with Guatemalans—Journeys North and South

C. Urgent Actions

D. Fairly Traded Crafts and Coffee

E. Vigils

F. Advocacy and Lobbying

G. Security Accompaniment

H. Networking

I. Solidarity among Children

J. Solidarity among Youth

9. Solidarity’s Creative Heart

IV: The Spirituality of Solidarity and Its Challenges

10. Creating Relationships: The “Spirit” of Solidarity

A: Meaning and Spirituality

B: A Spirituality Forged through Relationships

C: Implications of Spirituality of Relationship

11. Fresh Insights on Faith

A: Solidarity and Faith

B. Glimpses into Maya Spirituality

12. Four Challenges to the Church

Challenge #1: The Need to Create Justice-Seeking Communities

Challenge #2: The Need for a Fresh Vision of Mission

Challenge #3: Whole World Ecumenism

Challenge #4: Making Reparations

Epilogue: Keeping Vigil for an Elusive Peace

Part 1: What Shapes Solidarity Today?

Part 2: Where Do We Go from Here?


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