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Table of Contents for
Whose Historical Jesus? edited by William E. Arnal and Michel Desjardins

Preface | Michel Desjardins, Wilfrid Laurier University

Part One:
Recent Concerns

The Mediterranean Jesus

1. The Mediterranean Jesus: Context | William Klassen, Emmanuel College

2. Itinerants and Householders in the Earliest Jesus Movement | John Dominic Crossan, De Paul University

3. Q and a Cynic-Like Jesus | Burton L. Mack, Claremont Graduate School

4. The Gospel of Thomas and the Cynic Jesus | John W. Marshall, Princeton University

The Galilean Jewish Jesus

5. The Galilean Jewish Jesus: Context | William E. Arnal, University of Toronto

6. Galilean Questions to Crossan’s Meditteranean Jesus | Seán Freyne, Trinity College

Socio-Rhetorical Interests

7. Socio-Rhetorical Interests: Context | Willi Braun, Bishop’s University

8. The Rhetoric of the Historical Jesus | L. Gregory Bloomquist, Université St. Paul

9. Cosmology and the Jesus Miracles | Wendy Cotter, Loyola University of Chicago

10. The Theological Importance of the “Third Quest” for the Historical Jesus | Halvor Moxnes, University of Oslo

Academic Engagement

11. Academic Engagement: Context | Sandra Walker-Ramisch, Carleton University

12. A Feminist Experience of Historical-Jesus Scholarship | Jane Schaberg, University of Detroit Mercy

13. The Historical Jesus and African New Testament Scholarship | Grant LeMarquand, Wycliffe College

Recent Concerns: Closing Thoughts

Recent Concerns: The Scholar as Engagé | Leif E. Vaage, Emmanuel College

Part Two:
Enduring Concerns

Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

15. Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls: Context | Terence L. Donaldson, College of Emmanuel and St. Cloud

16. The Historical Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls | Wayne O. McCready, University of Calgary


17. Apocalypticism: Context | Dietmar Neufeld, University of British Columbia

18. Will the Reader Understand? Apocalypse as Veil or Vision in Recent Historical-Jesus Research | Edith M. Humphrey, McGill University

The Christ of Faith

19. The Christ of Faith: Context | Stephen Westerholm, McMaster University

20. Is the “Historical Jesus” a Christological Construct? | Barry W. Henaut, University of Toronto

Continuing Historical-Jesus Studies

21. Continuing Historical-Jesus Studies: Context | Robert L. Webb, Campion College

22. A Taxonomy of Recent Historical-Jesus Work | Larry W. Hurtado, New College

Enduring Concerns: Closing Thoughts

Enduring Concerns: Desiderata for Future Historical-Jesus Research | Paul Richardson, University of Toronto


Making and Re-Making the Jesus Sign: Contemporary Markings on the Body of Christ | William E. Arnal, University of Toronto



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Modern Authors Index

Ancient Sources Index