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Table of Contents for
Lying Down in the Ever-Falling Snow: Canadian Health Professionals’ Experience of Compassion Fatigue, by Wendy Austin, E. Sharon Brintnell, Erika Goble, Leon Kagan, Linda Kreitzer, Denise J. Larsen, and Brendan Leier

The Question of Compassion Fatigue: An Introduction

What Is Compassion?

Differing Understandings of Compassion Fatigue

A New Way of Understanding Compassion Fatigue

The Cold Heart: The Bodily Experience of Compassion Fatigue

The Endless Winter: The Temporal Experience of Compassion Fatigue

Lost and Alone in a Prairie Blizzard: The Experience of Space in Compassion Fatigue

An Icy Wall (Within and Between): Relations and Compassion Fatigue

Bundling Up: Finding Hope in Cold Climes

Survival in Winter Country