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Table of Contents for
Babies for the Nation: The Medicalization of Motherhood in Quebec, 1910–1970 by Denyse Baillargeon

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Chapter 1: A “Bad Mother” Called Quebec

An Early Death

Dying While Giving Life

Chapter 2: A Very National Infant Mortality Rate

The Nation in Peril, 1910–1940

A National Dearth of Children, 1940–1970

Chapter 3: Let Us Have the Mother and the Child Is Ours

The Ignorance of Mothers

Teach Over and Over

Chapter 4: A School for Mothers

Clinics for Newborns

Home Care

The Victorian Order of Nurses

The Nurses from the “Met”

The Assistance maternelle

Services for Mothers Outside the Major Cities

Prenatal Clinics

Public Lectures and the Distribution of Documents

Chapter 5: Bitter Struggles

All for One

General Practitioners and Public Health Officials

General Practitioners and the Assistance maternelle de Montréal

Doctors and Nurses

Physicians and “Maternalist” Feminists

Church and State

Chapter 6: The Quebec Mother and Child

Care for Expectant Women

Care for Babies

To Read While Caring for Baby

Relations with Doctors and Nurses

Epilogue: To Have or Not To Have

Appendix 1: Sources

Appendix 2: Infant Mortality Rates, Canada and the Provinces, 1926–1965