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Table of Contents for
Making Do: Women, Family, ahd Home in Montreal during the Great Depression by Denyse Baillargeon

List of Tables



Chapter 1: Domestic Labour and Economic Crisis

Homework Is Also Work

The Evolution of Domestic Labour before the Depression

Oral Sources

Chapter 2: From Birth to Marriage

Birth Families

Place of Birth and Residence

Father’s Occupation and Standard of Living

Number of Children and Place in Family


Working Experience

Domestic, Factory Hand or Salesgirl?

Learning Domestic Work

Chapter 3: Beyond Romance: Courtship and Marriage


Finding a “Good Husband”

The Wedding Day

Setting Up Housekeeping

The Trousseau

Savings and Personal Property

The First Home

Chapter 4: Motherhood

Sexuality and Contraception



Preparing for the Birth

Giving Birth

The Confinement

The Care and Discipline of Children

Infertility and Mothering

Chapter 5: Working for Pay and Managing the Household Finanace

A Living Wage

Income to Balance the Budget

Odd Jobs

Working in Your “Spare Time”

Managing the Budget and Women’s Economic Power

Making Ends Meet

Chapter 6: Housework

Women’s Space and Workplace

The Neighbourhood


Implements of Work

Organizing Household Tasks

The Cycle of Household Chores

Cutting Back on Necessities

Chapter 7: State, Family, Neighbours, and Credit

Government Assistance

Unemployment and Husband-Wife Relations

The Family

The Neighbours




Appendix A: Interview Guide

Appendix B: Thumbnail Biographies of the Women Interviewed

Appendix C: Scale of Winter and Summer Rations Approved by the City of Montreal (c. 1935)

Appendix D: Furnishing Bought by an Informant upon Her Marriage in 1932

Appendix E: Floor Plans of Working-Class Flats

Appendix F: Percentage of Montreal Households Owning Various Equipment 1931–1958

Appendix G: Househould Appliances and Other Articles Used by Housewives