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Table of Contents for
Weinzweig: Essays on His Life and Music, edited by John Beckwith and Brian Cherney

List of Illustrations

Preface and Acknowledgements

1. A Self-Made Composer | John Beckwith and Brian Cherney

Part One: Biographical Themes

2. Toronto: The Social and Artistic Context | Robin Elliott, University of Toronto

3. The Activist | Brian Cherney, McGill University

4. The Teacher | John Rea, McGill University

5. Music for Radio and Film | Elaine Keillor, Carleton University

Part Two: The Composer

6. The First Canadian Serialist | Catherine Nolan, University of Western Ontario

7. “Naked and Unashamed”: The Instrumental Practice | Clark Ross, Memorial University of Newfoundland

8. Works with Text | John Beckwith, University of Toronto

9. “Jazz Swing” and “Jazz Blues” | John Beckwith, University of Toronto

10. “The Story of My Life”: The Divertimento Series | Kames K. Wright, Carleton University

Part Three: The Legacy

11. In His Own Words | Alan Gillmor, Carleton University

12. Critical and Scholarly Views | J. Drew Stephen, University of Texas at San Antonio

13. Ear-Dreaming: A Study in Listeners | Eleanor V. Stubley, McGill University

14. How to Play Weinzweig | Robert Aitken, New Music Concerts

15. Weinzweig as I Knew Him | John Beckwith

List of Works, with Discography | Kathleen McMorrow, University of Toronto, and David Olds, New Music Concerts

General Bibliography with Annotations

Notes and Texts for the CD | David Jaeger, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation