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Table of Contents for
In Search of Alberto Guerrero by John Beckwith

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Chapter 1: Chile / Canada — Beginnings in La Serena — Young Pianist, Young Composer — A Composer for the Stage — Two Composer-Associates — Writings

Chapter 2: A Wedding, a Tour — New York and Back: A Farewell — Why?

Chapter 3: Toronto: The Hambourgs — El cónsul — Personal Crises — Toronto: The Late 1920s and Early ‘30s — The TCM — Performances

Chapter 4: The Andison Concerts; Malloney’s — Friendships — “A Great Piano Town”: The Five Piano Ensemble — The 1940s

Chapter 5: Lessons — Changes — Glenn Gould — A Letter — The Final Public Recital

Chapter 6: The 1950s — A Funeral — “Boswell” — Legacy

Appendix 1: Alberto Guerrero, “The Discrepancy between Performance and Technique”

Appendix 2: Boyd Neel, “Alberto Guerrero”

Appendix 3: Reunion: Participants

Appendix 4: Excerpts from the Prgoram Note for the Symposium “Remembering Alberto Guerrero,” Toronto, 25 October 1990 (by John Beckwith)