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Table of Contents for
Canada and Africa in the New Millennium: The Politics of Consistent Inconsistency by David R. Black


List of Abbreviations


1. Theorizing Canadian Policy toward Africa

2. Canada, the G8, and Africa: The Rise and Decline of a Hegemonic Project

3. “Africa” as Serial Morality Tale in Canadian Foreign Policy

4. “Iconic Internationalists” and the Representation of Canada in/through Africa

5. Canadian Aid to Africa: The Elusive Search for Purpose

6. Canada and Peace Operations in Africa: The Logic and Limits of Engagement

7. Canadian Extractive Companies in Africa: Exposing the Hegemonic Imperative (with Malcolm Savage)

8. Conclusion: Africa Policy and the End of Liberal Internationalism?

Appendix A: Canadian Bilateral Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa 1990–2010

Appendix B: United Nations Peace Support Missions since 1990

Appendix C: Key Canadian Contributions to Peace Operations in Africa since 1990