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Table of Contents for
Found in Alberta: Environmental Themes for the Anthropocene, edited by Robert Boschman and Mario Trono

List of Maps, Figures, and Tables

Foreword | Maude Barlow

Introduction: Alberta and the Anthropocene | Mario Trono and Robert Boschman

I: Found in Alberta

1. Re-engineering the Contours of Civilization: Alberta Land Trusts and the Neoliberalization of Nature | Lorelei Hanson

2. Bum Steer: Adulterant E. coli and the Nature–Culture Dichotomy | Robert Boschman

3. "There Is No Such Place as Away": Reconciling the Abject in Ecology and Poetry | Harry Vandervlist

II: Bituminous Sands

4. Visualizing Alberta: Duelling Documentaries and Bituminous Sands | Geo Takach

5. Critical Literacy and Discursive Governance Control(s) in Canada’s Oil/Tar Sands | Conny Davidsen

6. Are the Oil Sands Sublime? Edward Burtynsky and the Vicissitudes of the Sublime | T.R. Kover

7. From Railway to Pipeline: The Great Divide as Landscape and Rhetoric | Sean Atkins

III: Policy and Legal Perspectives

8. Fostering Environmental Citizenship | Mishka Lysack, Ben Thibault, and Greg Powell

9. Environmental Divide: The Nuclear Power Debate in Alberta and Saskatchewan | Duane Bratt

10. Do Corporations Have to Consider Sustainability? | Jeffrey Bone

IV: Wilderness

11. Defending the Wild: Time to Think beyond Legislated Wilderness | Shaun Fluker

12. Place, Desire, and Maps: Representing Wilderness at the Columbia Icefield | Benedict Fullalove

13. Radical Albertans? Hunting as the Subversion of Heroic Enlightenment | Nathan Kowalsky

V: Shared Horizons

14. Indigenous Environmental Ethics and the Limits of Cultural Evolutionary Thinking | Sam McKegney

15. Bioaesthetics and the American West | Curt Whitaker

16. Cultivating Longitudinal Knowledge: Alternate Stories for an Alternative Chronopolitics of Climate Change | Anita Girvan