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Table of Contents
Girls, Texts, Cultures, edited by Clare Bradford and Mavis Reimer

Introduction: Girls, Texts, Cultures: Cross-disciplinary Dialogues | Clare Bradford and Mavis Reimer

I Contemporary Girlhoods and Subjectivities

1. From Girlhood, Girls, to Girls’ Studies: The Power of the Text | Dawn H. Currie

2. On Secrets, Lies, and Fiction: Girls Learning the Art of Survival | Kerry Mallan

3. Disgusting Subjects: Consumer-Class Distinction and the Affective Regulation of Girl Desire | Elizabeth Bullen

4. Still Centre Stage? Reframing Girls’ Culture in New Generation Fictions of Performance | Pamela Knights

II The Politics of Girlhood

5. Warrior Girl and the Searching Tribe: Indigenous Girls’ Everyday Negotiations of Racialization under Neocolonialism | Sandrina de Finney and Johanne Saraceno

6. Girls’ Texts, Visual Culture, and Shifting the Boundaries of Knowledge in Social Justice Research: The Politics of Making the Invisible Visible | Claudia Mitchell

7. "Doing Their bit": The Great War and Transnationalism in Girls’ Fiction | Kristine Moruzi

8. Bollywood as a Role Model: Dating and Negotiating Romance | Kabita Chakraborty

III Settling and Unsettling Girlhoods

9. Movable Morals: Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Flap Books and Paper Doll Books for Girls as Interactive "Conduct Books" | Jacqueline Reid-Walsh

10. Wild Australian Girls? The Mythology of Colonial Femininity in British Print Culture, 1885-1926 | Michelle J. Smith

11. Dynamic (Con)Texts: Close Readings of Girls’ Video Gameplay | Stephanie Fisher, Jennifer Jenson, and Suzanne de Castell

12. Reading Smart Girls: Post-Nerds in Post-Feminist Popular Culture | Shauna Pomerantz and Rebecca Raby