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Table of Contents for
Rhetoric and Reality in Early Christianities, edited by Willi Braun



1. Rhetoric, Rhetoricality, and Discourse Performances | Willi Braun, University of Alberta

2. The Rhetoric of Social Construction: Language and Society in the Gospel of Thomas | William E. Arnal, University of Regina

3. Melito of Sardis, the Second Sophistic, and “Israel” | Laurence Broadhurst, University of Manitoba

4. Early Christian Heroes and Lukan Narrative: Stephen and the Hellenists in Ancient Historiographical Perspective | Todd Penner, Austin College

5. Can Nympha Rule This House? The Rhetoric of Domesticity in Colossians | Margaret Y. MacDonald, St. Francis Xavier University

6. “Raised from the Dung”: Hagiography, Liberation, and the Social Subversiveness of Early Medieval Christianity | John Kitchen, University of Alberta

7. Philosophical Counsel versus Customary Lament in Fourth-Century Christian Responses to Death | Theodore S. de Bruyn, University of Ottawa

8. Performativity, Narrative, and Cognition: “Demythologizing” the Roman Cult of Mithras | Luther H. Martin, University of Vermont

9. Feeling Persuaded: Christianization as Social Formation | Chad Kile, University of Alberta