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Table of Contents for
Mark’s Other Gospel: Rethinking Morton Smith’s Controversial Discovery by Scott G. Brown



List of Abbreviations

The Letter to Theodore

Clement’s Citations from the Longer Gospel

Part One: Rethinking the Dominant Paradigm

Chapter 1: A Longer, Esoteric Version of Mark’s Gospel

Scholarly Assessments of the Longer Gospel

A Literary Thesis

Chapter 2: The Question of the Authenticity of the Letter to Theodore

The Manuscript

The Possibility of Modern Forgery

The Possibility of Ancient Forgery


Chapter 3: Longer Mark’s Relation to Other Gospels

Longer Mark’s Basis in Oral Tradition

Longer Mark’s Relation to John

Longer Mark’s Relation to Matthew and Luke

Longer Mark’s Relation to Non-Canonical Gospels

Longer Mark’s Relation to Canonical Mark

Chapter 4: The Nature of the Longer Gospel

Clement’s Conception of the Genre of the Longer Gospel

The Reason for the Discretion Surrounding the Use of the Longer Gospel


Chapter 5: The Original Purpose and Later Use of the Longer Gospel

The Baptismal Reading of LGM 1b

The Baptismal Reading of the Letter to Theodore

Alternative Cultic Interpretations

The Need for a Literary Perspective on LGM 1 and 2

The Original Purpose and Later Use of LGM 1 and 2


Part Two: Analysis of Markan Literary Techniques

Chapter 6: Longer Mark’s Use of Intercalation

The Formal Characteristics of Intercalation

The Hermeneutical Significance of Intercalation

Excursus on the Relevance of Intercalation to the Question of the Authenticity of the Letter to Theodore

Chapter 7: Longer Mark’s Use of Framing Stories

What Constitutes an Inclusio?

Do Mark 10:32 and 16:7-8 Create an Inclusio?

LGM 1 and 2 and Mark 16:18 as a Frame for the Passion

Chapter 8: Longer Mark’s Use of Verbal Echoes

Reminiscences of the Man with Many Possessions

“And After Six Days”

The “Great Cry” from the Tomb

“The Mystery of the Kingdom of God”

LGM 1:12 as an Elaboration of Themes Introduced in Mark 4:11-12

The Mystery of the Kingdom of God and the Markan Gospel’s Imperative of Spiritual Understanding

Deeper Understanding as a Literary Agenda Shared by the Longer and Shorter Gospels

Chapter 9: Conclusions

The Nature and Original Purpose of the Longer Gospel

Who Wrote the Longer Gospel?

How and When Was the Longer Gospel Composed?

Longer Mark’s Relevance to Scholarship



Modern Authors Index

Ancient Sources Index

Subject Index