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Table of Contents for
The More Easily Kept Illusions: The Poetry of Al Purdy, selected with an introduction by Robert Budde

Foreword | Neil Besner

Biographical Note

Introduction | Robert Budde

Mind Process re a Faucet

Remains of an Indian Village

Winter Walking

Hockey Players

Home-Made Beer

Eskimo Graveyard

Trees at the Arctic Circle

Tent Rings

When I Sat Down to Play the Piano

At the Quinte Hotel

Love at Roblin Lake


Wilderness Gothic

Lament for the Dorsets

Joint Account

Depression in Namu, BC

Eastbound from Vancouver

The Horseman of Agawa

Flat Tire in the Desert

Inside the Mill


Alive or Not


On Realizing He Has Written Some Bad Poems

After Rain

The Nurselog

A Typical Day in Winnipeg

In the Early Cretaceous

Purely Internal Music


Red Leaves


Earle Birney in Hospital


For Her in Sunlight

Afterword: As the dream holds the real | Russell Morton Brown