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Table of Contents for
Moving Toward Positive Systems of Child and Family Welfare: Current Issues and Future Directions edited by Gary Cameron, Nick Coady, and Gerald R. Adams

Finding a Fit: Family Realities and Service Responses | Gary Cameron

Positive Possibilities for Child and Family Welfare: Options for Expanding the Anglo-American Child Protection Paradigm | Gary Cameron, Nancy Freymond, Denise Cornfield, and Sally Palmer

Mothers and Child Welfare Child Placements | Nancy Freymond and Gary Cameron

Canadian Child Welfare: System Design Dimensions and Possibilities for Innovation | Gary Cameron and Nancy Freymond

Using Intermediary Structures to Support Families: An International Comparison of Practice in Child Protection | Nancy Freymond

Aboriginal Child Welfare | Deena Mandell, Joyce Clouston Carlson, Marshall Fine, and Cindy Blackstock

Service Participant Voices in Child Welfare, Children’s Mental Health and Psychotherapy | Marshall Fine, Sally Palmer, and Nick Coady

Placement Decisions and the Child Welfare Worker: Constructing Identities for Survival | Nancy Freymond

Professional Burnout in Social Service Organizations: A Review of Theory, Research and Prevention | Carol Stalker and Cheryl Harvey

Understanding and Preventing Employee Turnover | Cheryl Harvey and Carol Stalker

Treatment of Choice or a Last Resort? A Review of Residential Mental Health Placements for Children and Adolescents | Karen M. Frensch, Gary Cameron, and Gerald R. Adams

Fundamental Considerations for Child and Family Welfare | Nick Coady, Gary Cameron, and Gerald Adams