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Table of Contents for Not the Whole Story: Challenging the Single Mother Narrative edited by Lea Caragata and Judit Alcalde


Introduction | Lea Caragata

Workfare and Precarious Work

The Making of This Book


Issues Shaping Poverty, Single Motherhood, and Social Status

Format of the Volume

On the Process of Creating This Book and on the Stories That Needed Telling | Robin

The Individual Stories

Sara’s Story

Martha’s Story

Mary’s Story

Anne’s Story

Madison’s Story

Stacey’s Story

Robin’s Story

Emily’s Story

Catrina’s Story

Lucy’s Story

Christina’s Story

Susan’s Story

Miriam’s Story

Victoria’s Story

Izabela’s Story

Jenna’s Story

Making Meaning | Lea Caragata and Judit Alcalde

Story Summaries

Pulling It Together

Conclusion | Lea Caragata