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Table of Contents for
Abuse or Punishment? Violence toward Children in Quebec Families, 1850-1969 by Marie-Aimée Cliche, W. Donald Wilso, translator

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Part I In the Good Old Days: A Rural Society, 1850-1919

Chapter 1 A Discourse Full of Good Intentions

Chapter 2 Everyday Violence within Families, 1850-1919

Part II An Urban Society, 1920-1939

Chapter 3 Aurore Gagnon, the "Child Martyr"

Chapter 4 A More Moderate Approach, 1920-1939

Chapter 5 Violence Viewed from the Juvenile Delinquents’ Court, 1920-1939

Part III From World War II to the Quiet Revolution, 1940-1969

Chapter 6 New Expertise and a Different Approach to Parenting, 1940-1969

Chapter 7 "Is That a Good Way to Raise Children?" Violence in the Advice Columns, 1940-1969

Chapter 8 Violence Viewed from the Juvenile Delinquents’ Court and the Children’s Aid Clinic, 1940-1965

Chapter 9 Aurore, Pauline, Hélène, and Barbara: The Child Martyrs of Allô Police, 1953-1965

Chapter 10 "Humour Is No Laughing Matter": Corporal Punishment in Quebec Comic Strips, 1945-1969


Appendix: Oral Testimonies



Index of Names