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Table of Contents for
Creating Together: Participatory, Community-Based, and Collaborative Arts Practices and Scholarship across Canada, edited by Diane Conrad and Anita Sinner

Foreword | Rita L. Irwin


Introduction | Anita Sinner and Diane Conrad

I Participatory Arts Practices

Sharing the Talking Stones: Theatre of the Oppressed Workshops as Collaborative Arts-based Health Research with Indigenous Youth | Warren Linds, Linda Goulet, Jo-Ann Episkenew, Karen Schmidt, Heather Ritenburg, and Allison Whiteman

Uncensored: Participatory Arts-based Research with Youth | Diane Conrad, Peter Smyth, and Wallis Kendal

The Co-creation of a Mural Depicting Experiences of Psychosis | Katherine M. Boydell, Brenda M. Gladstone, Elaine Stasiulis, Tiziana Volpe, Bramilee Dhayanandhan, and Ardra L. Cole

Participatory Action-based Design Research: Designing Digital Stories Together with New Immigrant/Refugee Communities for Health and Well-being | Narueen Mumtaz

The Use of Staged Photography in Community-based Participatory Research with Homeless Women: Methodological Learnings | Izumi Sakamoto, Matthew Chin, Natalie Wood, and Josie Ricciardi

II Community-Based Arts Scholarship

The Living Histories Ensemble: Sharing Authority Through Play, Storytelling, and Performance in the Aftermath of Collective Violence | Nisha Sajnani, Warren Linds, Alan Wong, Lisa Ndejuru, Lucy Lu, Paul L. Gareau, and David Ward

Co-activating Beauty, Co-narrating Home: Dialogic Live Art Performance and the Practice of Inclusiveness | Devora Neumark

Using Drama to Build Community in Canadian Schools | George Belliveau

Witnessing Transformations: Art with a Capital ‘C‘—Community and Cross-cultural Collaboration | Nancy Bleck

III Collaborative Arts Approaches

Wombwalks: Re-attuning with the m/Other | Barbara Bickel, Medwyn McConachy, and Nané Jordan

Seeing Through Artistic Practices: Collaborations Between an Artist and Researcher | Vera Caine and Michelle Lavoie

Soot and Subjectivity: Uncertain Collaboration | Patti Pente and Pat Beaton

Arts-based Representation of Collaboration: Explorations of a Faculty Writing Group | Heather McLeod, Sharon Penney, Rhonda Joy, Cecile Badenhorst, Dorothy Vaandering, Sarah Pickett, Xuemei Li, and Jacqueline Hesson

A Poetic Inquiry on Passive Reflection: A Summer Day Breeze | Sean Wiebe, Lynn Fels, Celeste Snowber, Indrani Margolin, and John J. Guiney Yallop

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