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Table of Contents for
Unruly Penelopes and the Ghosts: Narratives of English Canada, edited by Eva Darias-Beautell

Introduction: Why Penelopes? How Unruly? Which Ghosts? Narratives of English Canada | Eva Darias-Beautell

ONE: Rewriting Tradition: Literature, History, and Changing Narratives in English Canada since the 1970s | Coral Ann Howells

TWO: (Reading Closely) Calling for the Formation of Asian Canadian Studies | Smaro Kamboureli

THREE: When Race Does Not Matter, “except to everyone else”: Mixed Race Subjectivity and the Fantasy of a Post-Racial Canada in Lawrence Hill and Kim Barry Brunhuber | Ana María Fraile

FOUR: Of Aliens, Monsters, and Vampires: Speculative Fantasy’s Strategies of Dissent (Transnational Feminist Fiction) | Belén Martín-Lucas

FIVE: The Production of Vancouver: Termination Views in the City of Glass | Eva Darias-Beautell

SIX: Jane Rule and the Memory of Canada | Richard Cavell

SEVEN: Confession as Antidote to Historical Truth in River Thieves | María Jesús Hernáez Lerena

EIGHT: Indigenous Criticism and Indigenous Literature in the 1990s: Critical Intimacy | Michèle Lacombe