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Table of Contents for Street Angel by Magie Dominic

Part One

Chapter One Saturday, Day One

Chapter Two Sunday, Day Two

Chapter Three Monday, Day Three

Chapter Four Tuesday, Day Four

Chapter Five Wednesday, Day Five

Chapter Six Thursday, Day Six

Chapter Seven Friday, Day Seven

Chapter Eight Saturday, Day Eight

Chapter Nine Sunday, Day Nine

Chapter Ten After the Hamlet

Part Two

Chapter Eleven 1956, October

Chapter Twelve Speaking in a Foreign Language

Chapter Thirteen 1960

Chapter Fourteen Four Years After the Hamlet

Chapter Fifteen 22 November 1963

Chapter Sixtten 1964, Early Morning

Chapter Seventeen End of the Seventies, Autumn

Chapter Eighteen Central Park, Start of the Eighties

Chapter Nineteen Manhattan, a Morning in June

Chapter Twenty Y2K

Chapter Twenty-one Final Prayer

Chapter Twenty-two After Everything That Ever Happened


Glossary of Newfoundland Terms