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Table of Contents for
Thanks for Listening: Stories and Short Fictions by Ernest Buckler selected and edited by Marta Dvořák


I. Stories

Just Like Everyone Else

The Balance


The Harness

A Present for Miss Merriam

The Clumsy One

Cleft Rock, with Spring

The Wild Goose

Goodbye, Prince

It Was Always Like That

The Quarrel

The First-born Son

Return Trip to Christmas

The Locket

The Choice

Thanks for Listening

Glance in the Mirror

Another Christmas

No Matter Whos There

The Christmas Order

Penny in the Dust

The Finest Tree

The Dream and the Triumph

The Bars and the Bridge

2. Short Fictions

Long, Long after School

Humble Pie

Nettles into Orchids

The Doctor and the Patient

You Could Go Anywhere Now

The Snowman

The Orchard

No Tongue for It

The Widow

Muse in Overalls

Education at Mimis