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Table of Contents for
China Diary: The Life of Mary Austin Endicott by Shirley Jane Endicott

List of Illustrations


Map of China

Introduction: Who Was My Mother?

Part 1

1. From a Background of Privilege

2. Prelude to Adventure

3. Struggling with Culture Shock

4. Spring in the Golden Valley

5. Chungchow Diary: Living with Uncertainty

Part 2

6. Hijacked on the Yangtze

7. Shanghai Exile

8. Eight Months of Separation

9. Back to Chungking: Four Months in Purgatory

10. Golden Valley Scrapbook: 1930–33

11. “When Death Threw the Dice”

Part 3

12. Furlough: An Oasis of Opportunity

13. A Greater Acceptance of the Universe

14. A Time of Transition

15. Conquering Herself

16. Creative Writing

17. Wartime in Chungking

18. Wedding Anniversary

19. Wartime Diary: 1939–41

Part 4

20. The Little Brown Bird Takes Flight

21. Eden Rent Asunder

22. Deciding to Work with Communists

23. Two Solitudes

Part 5

24. Heaven and Hell in Shanghai, 1947

25. Life—in the Cold War—with Jim

26. The Winter Years

27. Epilogue

Appendix A: Three Poems by Mary Austin Endicott

Appendix B: Historical Background