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Table of Contents for
Johanna Kraus: Twice Persecuted
Surviving Nazi Germany and Communist East Germany
, translated by Carolyn Gammon and Christiane Hemker

Introduction | Freya Klier

1. My Home

2. After My Apprenticeship

3. Dancing Was My Life

4. Deportation and Return

5. Our Unusual Wedding

6. Imprisoned for “Defiling the Race”

7. Forced Labour and Sterilization

8. In Prison in Dresden

9. In the Women’s Concentration Camp, Ravensbrück

10. The Death March

11. After Liberation

12. The Eisenacher Hof

13. My Mother Died in Theresienstadt

14. “That Johanna Krause—She’s Dangerous!”

15. Jail for Me, Jail for Max

16. The Years Grow Quieter

17. At the End of Life

Appendix and Acknowledgements