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Table of Contents for
Spirituality in Social Work and Education: Theory, Practice, and Pedagogies, edited by Janet Groen, Diana Coholic, and John R. Graham

1. Introduction | Janet Groen, Diana Coholic, and John R. Graham


Introduction to Section One: Historical and Theoretical Underpinnings

2. For Whose Purposes? Examining the Spirituality Agenda in Adult Education | Leona English

3. Religion and Spirituality in Social Work Academic Settings | John R. Graham and Michael L. Shier

4. Prisoners of the Story: A Role for Spirituality in Thinking and Living Our Way to Sustainability | John Coates

5. Kindred Spirits? Challenges and Opportunities for the Faculties of Education and Social Work in the Emerging Teaching Focus on Spirituality | Janet Groen


Introduction to Section Two: The Pedagogy of Spirituality in Higher Education

6. Spirituality and Professional Education: Contributions toward a Shared Curriculum Framework | Daniel Vokey

7. The Ties That Bind and Unwind: Spirituality in the Secular Social Work Classroom | Sarah Todd

8. Engaging the Noosphere: An Integral Approach to Teaching Spirituality Online | Veronika Bohac Clarke


Introduction to Section Three: Implications for Practice

9. A Review of Spiritually Sensitive and Holistic Social Work Methods: Current Emphases and Future Directions for Research and Practice | Diana Coholic

10. Contemplative Practices in Teacher Education: What I Have Learned | John P. Miller

11. Toward Better Holistic Medical Education: What Can We Learn from Spiritual Healers? | Ian Winchester, Russell Sawa, Nancy Doetzel, Hugo Maynell, Debbie Zembal, and Robbi Motta

12. Stress, Coping, Growth, and Spirituality in Grief | Susan Cadell

13. The Role of Spirituality in Mediating the Trauma of Social Work Internships | Rick Csiernik

14. Concluding Thoughts | Diana Coholic, Janet Groen, and John R. Graham