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Table of Contents for
Travel and Religion in Antiquity, edited by Philip A. Harland

Map: The Ancient Mediterranean


I. Pausing at the Intersection of Religion and Travel | Philip A. Harland

Honouring the Gods

II. Religion on the Road in Ancient Greece and Rome | Steven Muir

III. Going Up to Jerusalem: Pilgrimage, Purity, the Historical Jesus | Susan Haber

IV. Pilgrimage, Place, and Meaning Making by Jews in Greco-Roman Egypt | Wayne O. McCready

V. Have Horn, Will Travel: The Journeys of Mesopotamian Deities | Karljürgen G. Feuerherm

Promoting a Deity or Way of Life

VI. The Divine Wanderer: Travel and Divinization in Late Antiquity | Ian W. Scott

VII. Journeys in Pursuit of Divine Wisdom: Thessalos and Other Seekers | Philip A. Harland

VIII. “Danger in the wilderness, danger at sea”: Paul and the Perils of Travel | Ryan S. Schellenberg

Encountering Foreign Cultures

IX. Roman Translation: Tacitus and Ethnographic Interpretation | James B. Rives


X. Migration and the Emergence of Greco-Roman Diaspora Judaism | Jack N. Lightstone

Making A Living

XI. Religion and the Nomadic Lifestyle: The Nabateans | Michele Murray

XII. Christians on the Move in Late Antique Oxyrhynchus | Lincoln H. Blumell

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