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Table of Contents for
Canada and the Second World War: Essays in Honour of Terry Copp, edited by Geoffrey Hayes, Mike Bechthold, and Matt Symes

Foreword | John Cleghorn


1 Introduction

2 Terry Copp’s Approach to History | Mark Osborne Humphries

The Home Front

3 “To Hold on High the Torch of Liberty”:Canadian Youth and the Second World War | Cynthia Comacchio

4 Fighting a White Man’s War? First Nations Participation in the Canadian War Effort, 1939–1945 | Scott Sheffield

5 Harnessing Journalists to the War Machine: Canada’s Domestic Press Censors in the Second World War | Mark Bourrie

6 Dangerous Curves: Canadian Drivers and Mechanical Transport in Two World Wars | Andrew Iarocci

7 How C.P. Stacey Became the Army’s Official Historian The Writing of The Military Problems of Canada, 1937-1940 | Roger Sarty

The War of the Scientists

8 “Strike Hard, Strike Sure”: Bomber Harris, Precision Bombing, and Decision Making in RAF Bomber Command | Randall Wakelam

9 Leadership and Science at War: Colonel Omond Solandt and the British Army Operational Research Group, 1943–1945 | Jason Ridler

10 Wartime Military Innovation and the Creation of Canada’s Defence Research Board | Andrew Godefroy

The Mediterranean Theatre

11 Overlord’s Long Right Flank: The Battles for Cassino and Anzio, January–June 1944 | Lee Windsor

12 A Sharp Tool Blunted: The First Special Service Force in the Breakout from Anzio | James A. Wood

13 La culture tactique canadienne: le cas de l’opération Chesterfield, 23 mai 1944 | Yves Tremblay

14 Knowing Enough Not to Interfere: Lieutenant-General Charles Foulkes at the Lamone River, December 1944 | Douglas E. Delaney

Northwest Europe

15 No Ambush, No Defeat: The Advance of the Vanguard of the 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade, 7 June 1944 | Marc Milner CORRECTION: Free download of updated version of Chapter 15

16 Defending the Normandy Bridgehead: The Battles for Putot-en-Bessin, 7–9 June 1944 | Mike Bechthold

17 Operation Smash and 4 Canadian Armoured Division’s Drive to Trun | Angelo Caravaggio

18 A History of Lieutenant Jones | Geoffrey Hayes

The Aftermath

19 A Biography of Major Ronald Edmond Balfour | Michelle Fowler

20 The Personality of Memory: The Process of Informal Commemoration in Normandy | Matt Symes

21 An Open Door to a Better Future: The Memory of Canada’s Second World War | Jonathan F. Vance


Terry Copp: A Select Bibliography