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Table of Contents for

Ley Lines

H.L. Hix

About This Book




Elements and Pattern


Ways of Dialogue

Capacious Enlivened Sense, Complex Daily Ardor

Between: Paisley Rekdal | Anne Lindberg | Renée Ashley

Balance: Zach Savich | Vera Scekic | Jericho Brown

Representation: Johanna Skibsrud | Ien Dobbelaar | Michelle Boisseau

Most Importantly I Have My Library

Archive: Brian Teare | Thomas Lyon Mills | Evie Shockley

Scan: Matthew Cooperman | Bruce Checefsky | Mary Quade

Things: Lia Purpura | Jason Dodge | Philip Metres

Only Rearrange the Stones

Repetition: Jon Woodward | Doug Russell | Andrew Joron

Pattern: Scott King | Gerry Trilling | Nin Andrews

Spacing: Gillian Conoley | Phillip Michael Hook | Alex Stein

Here Long Enough to Disappear

Complexity: Lily Brown | Sreshta Rit Premnath | Debra Di Blasi

Complexity: Veronica Golos | Alisa Henriquez | Caleb Klaces

Opposition: Catherine Taylor | Jane Lackey | Carol Moldaw

Each Begun With a Stain

Voices: Jacqueline Jones LaMon | Murat Germen | Nina Foxx

Particulate: Laurie Saurborn Young | China Marks | Denise Duhamel

Connections: Valerie Martínez | Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann | Anis Shivani

Alive in a Strange Region

Response: Kristi Maxwell | Aviva Rahmani | Rupert Loydell

Language: Jill Magi | Brian Dupont | Rita Wong

Words: Jena Osman | Sarah Walko | Bin Ramke

To Invent a Method

Beauty: Kathleen Wakefield | Anne Devaney | Jonathan Weinert

Aura: Sue Sinclair | Anna Von Mertens | Afaa Michael Weaver

Space: Dan Beachy-Quick | Cassandra Hooper | Alyson Hagy

This and Other Labor-Intensive Techniques

Attention: Julie Hanson | Adriane Herman | Laura Mullen

Confrontation: Sandra Simonds | Jim Sajovic | Susan Aizenberg

The Real: Lisa Fishman | Leeah Joo | Jennifer Atkinson

The World to Me

Event: Paige Ackerson-Kiely | Christine Drake | Cynthia Atkins

Moments: Warren Heiti | Susan Moldenhauer | Bruce Bond

Setting: Juliana Spahr | Leah Hardy | Christine Gelineau

And Their Shadows At the Same Time

Failure: Kirsten Kaschock | Daniel Dove | Ann McCutchan

Uncertain: Barbara Maloutas | Christopher Leitch | Supriya Bhatnagar

Disappearance: Jared Carter | Shelby Shadwell | Alison Calder

Works About Which Interview Questions Are Posed

Artworks Reproduced


About the Curator

About the Contributors