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Table of Contents for
A Common Written Greek Source for Mark and Thomas by John Horman



N: A New Greek Source

The Scope of N

The Sayings Common to Mark and Thomas

N 2:19 The Bridegroom and the Bridechamber

N 2:21 Old and New

N 3:27 Bbinding the Strong Person

N 3:28 Speaking against the Holy Spirit

N 3:31 Jesus’s Mother and Brothers

N 4:3 The Sower

N 4:9 Whoever Has Ears

N 4:11 Mystery

N 4:21 A Lamp under a Storage Vessel

N 4:22 What is Hidden Will Be Revealed

N 4:25 Whoever Has Will Receive

N 4:29 When the Fruit Ripens

N 4:30 A Mustard Seed

N 6:4 Prophet Is Not Received

N 7:15 What Goes into the Mouth

N 8:27 What Am I Like?

N 8:34 Carry One’s Cross

N 9:1 Tasting Death

N 10:15 Become as a Child

N 10:31 The First and the Last

N 11:23 Moving a Mountain

N 12:1 The Vineyard Owner and the Sharecroppers

N 12:10 The Stone That the Builders Rejected

N 12:13 Taxes to Caesar

N 13:31 Heaven Will Pass Away

N 14:58 I Will Destroy This House

Other Candidates for N

The Setting of N in Early Christianity



Excursus 1: Sayings of Jesus and Narrative about Jesus in the Early Church

Excursus 2: Esoteric and Exoteric Sayings and Settings in Mark

Excursus 3: Narrative Frameworks for Sayings in Mark

Excursus 4: Structural Markers Indicating the Use of Sources in Thomas

Excursus 5: Thomas and the “Gnostics”





Nag Hammadi