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Table of Contents for
Before the First Word: The Poetry of Lorna Crozier, edited and with an introduction by Catherine Hunter

Foreword | Neil Besner

Biographical Note

Introduction | Catherine Hunter


Poem about Nothing

This Is a Love Poem without Restraint

The Child Who Walks Backwards



Fear of Snakes

Quitting Smoking

The Goldberg Variations

Home Town

Male Thrust

Mother and I, Walking

How to Stop Missing Your Friend Who Died

On the Seventh Day

Living Day by Day

Angel of Bees

Canada Day Parade

The Dark Ages of the Sea

The Red Onion in Skagway, Alberta

The Wild Boys

The Garden at Night

Going Back


The Kind of Woman

Not the Music

Mrs. Bentley

Watching My Lover

What You Remember Remains

A Kind of Love


The Origin of the Species

What the Snake Brings to the World

Original Sin: 1. The First Woman

Original Sin: 2. The Fall of Eve

The Sacrifice of Isaac

Afterword: See How Many Ends This Stick Has | Lorna Crozier