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Table of Contents for
Narcissistic Narrative: The Metafictional Paradox, by Linda Hutcheon




1 Modes and Forms of Narrative Narcissism: Introduction of a Typology

2 Process and Product: The Implications of Metafiction for the Theory of the Novel as a Mimetic Genre

3 Thematizing Narrative Artifice: Parody, Allegory, and the Mise En Abyme

4 Freedom Through Artifice: The French Lieutenant’s Woman

5 Actualizing Narrative Structures: Detective Plot, Fantasy, Games, and the Erotic

6 The Language of Fiction: Creating the Heterocosm of Fictive Referents

7 The Theme of Linguistic identity: La Maccina Modiale

8 Generative Word Play: The Outer Limits of the Novel Genre

9 Composite Identity: The Reader, the Writer, the Critic

Conclusion and Speculations

Index of Subjects and Names