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Table of Contents for
Unravelling Encounters: Ethics, Knowledge, and Resistance under Neoliberalism, edited by Caitlin Janzen, Donna Jeffery, and Kristin Smith

1. Introduction: Encounters with Difference in a Neoliberal Context | Caitlin Janzen, Donna Jeffery, and Kristin Smith

2. Mourning the Death of Social Welfare: Remaining Inconsolable before History | Kristin Smith

3. Enactments of Racial Dominance in the Production of Ethical Selves: Not a Moral Project | Carol Schick

4. Green Encounters and Indigenous Subjectivity: A Cautionary Tale | Donna Jeffery

5. Bathhouse Encounters: Settler Colonialism, Volunteerism, and Indigenous Misrecognition | Cameron Greensmith

6. Canadian Temporary Migrant Workers Teaching English in Seoul: The Contradictions between Racial Privilege and Precarious Status | Nirmala Bains

7. Feel-good Tourism: An Ethical Option for Socially Conscious Westerners? | Gada Mahrouse

8. Colonialism, Neoliberalism, and University-Community Engagement: What Sorts of Encounters with Difference Are Our Institutions Prioritizing? | Amber Dean

9. The Apology Act: Ethical Encounters and Actuarial Conduct | Anne O’Connell

10. The Right to Know: Impossible Demands, Unintelligible Knowledge, and Ethical Encounters with Evil | Caitlin Janzen

11. The Age of Iron, J.M. Coetzee, and the Ethics of Encounter with the Other: A Levinasian Analysis | Mehmoona Moosa-Mitha

12. Afterword: A Two Row Ethics of Encounter | Daniel Coleman

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