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Table of Contents for
Working Memory: Women and Work in World War II, edited by Marlene Kadar and Jeanne Perreault


The Lives and The Archives | Jeanne Perreault and Marlene Kadar


“Things Gone Astray...” The Work of Archive | Marlene Kadar

1. “People Dealt This Fate to People”: The War and the Holocaust in Zofia Nalkowska’s Life Writing | Eva C. Karpinski

2. Re-Dressing Women’s History in the Special Operations Executive: The Camouflage Project | Lesley Ferris and Mary Tarantino

3. Two Sisters: Contrary Lives | Charmian Brinson and Julia Winckler

4. From Planter’s Daughter to Imperial Soldier and Servant in Britain’s War | Patrick Taylor

5. Resisting Holocaust Memory: Recuperating a Compromised Life | Marlene Kadar

6. “Snow White in Auschwitz”: The Tale of Dina Gottliebova-Babbitt | Natalie Robinson

7. Perpetual Pioneers: The Library of Congress Meets Women Photojournalists of World War II | Beverly W. Brannan

8. “Girl Takes Drastic Step”: Molly Lamb Bobak’s “W110278-The Diary of a C.W.A.C.” | Tanya Schaap

9. “These Dutch Girls are Wizard!” The Dutch Resistance as Matriarchy in One of Our Aircraft is Missing | James D. Stone

10. Facing Death: The Paintings of Australian War Artist Stella Bowen | Catherine Speck