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Table of Contents for
Shifting the Ground of Canadian Literary Studies, edited by Smaro Kamboureli and Robert Zacharias

Preface | Smaro Kamboureli and Robert Zacharias

Introduction: Shifting the Ground of a Discipline: Emergence and Canadian Literary Studies in English | Smaro Kamboureli

National Literatures in the Shadow of Neoliberalism | Jeff Derksen

"Beyond CanLit(e)": Reading. Interdisciplinarity. Transatlantically. | Danielle Fuller

White Settlers and the Biopolitics of State Building in Canada | Janine Brodie

"Some Great Crisis": Vimy as Originary Violence | Robert Zacharias

Amplifying Threat: Reasonable Accommodations and Quebec’s Bouchard–Taylor Commission Hearings (2007) | Monika Kin Gagnon and Yasmin Jiwani

The Time Has Come: Self and Community Articulations in Colour. An Issue and Awakening Thunder | Larissa Lai

Archivable Concepts: Talonbooks and Literary Translation | Kathy Mezei

Is CanLit Lost in Japanese Translation? | Yoko Fujimoto

The Cunning of Reconciliation: Reinventing White Civility in the "Age of Apology" | Pauline Wakeham

The Long March to "Recognition": Sákéj Henderson, First Nations Jurisprudence, and Sui Generis Solidarity | Len Findlay

bush/writing: embodied deconstruction, traces of community, and writing against the state in indigenous acts of inscription | peter kulchyski


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