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Table of Contents for
Trans/acting Culture, Writing, and Memory, edited by Eva C. Karpinski, Jennifer Henderson, Ian Sowton, and Ray Ellenwood

Editors’ Introduction | Eva C. Karpinski and Jennifer Henderson

Prolegomenon: Reader at Work: An Appreciation of Barbara Godard | Danielle Fuller

Part One: Textual/Visual Production: Critical Interventions

1 Incisive Literary Critic, Brilliant Theorist, Engaged Teacher, Inspired Translator, Public Intellectual, and Committed Activist—All in the Feminine: The Early Barbara Godard | Louise H. Forsyth

2 Cultural Memory and Tragic Affect in Nancy Huston’s The Mark of the Angel | Pamela McCallum

3 Language and Interdisciplinarity: (Re-)contextualizing Nicole Brossard’s Picture Theory | Karl E. Jirgens

4 Writing the Museum: Visual Art and Literature: Denise Desautels and Louise Warren | Claudine Potvin

Part Two: Culture/Policy/Institutions

5 Negotiating Literatures in Contiguity: France Daigle in/and Québec | Lianne Moyes and Catherine Leclerc

6 A Lack of Public Memory, a Public Memory of Lack | Phanuel Antwi

7 “The Toil and Spoil of Translation”: A Godardian Reading of the Study-Guide: Discover Canada/Guide d’étude: Découvrir le Canada (2010) | Len M. Findlay

8 Notes toward Thinking Transsexual Institutional Poetics | Trish Salah

Part Three: Translation/Transculturation

9 Voyage autour de la traduction: The Translator as Writer and Theorist | Alessandra Capperdoni

10 Taking Deleuze in the Middle, or Doing Intellectual History by the Letter | Jason Demers

11 Gail Scott and Barbara Godard on “The Main”: Borders, Sutures, Micro-cosmopolitan Interconnectivity, and Translation Studies | Gillian Lane-Mercier

Part Four: Public Memory and the Archive

12 Linked Histories and Radio-Activity in Marie Clements’s Burning Vision | Sophie McCall

13 Memory as Fracture: French Mnemotechniques in the Erasure of the Holocaust | Michael Dorland

14 Gender in the Shaping of Public Memory: Arms (Monumental) for Montreal | Sue Lloyd

15 Contested Memories: Canadian Women Writers in and out of the Archive | Barbara Godard

Coda: In the Stacks of Barbara Godard, or Do Not Confuse the Complexity of This Moment with Chaos | Lisa Sloniowski