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Table of Contents for
The Memory Effect: The Remediation of Memory in Literature and Film, edited by Russell J.A. Kilbourn and Eleanor Ty

Part I Memory Studies: Theories, Changes, and Challenges

1. Developments in Memory Studies and Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Literature and Film | Russell J.A. Kilbourn and Eleanor Ty

2. “Joy in Repetition”; or, The Significance of Seriality in Processes of Memory and (Re-)Mediation | Sabine Sielke

3. Hirsch, Sebald, and the Uses and Limits of Postmemory | Kathy Behrendt

Part II Literature and the Power of Cultural Memory/Memorializing

4. British Propaganda and the Construction of Female Mourning in the First World War | Sarah Henstra

5. “Rhetorical Metatarsals”: Bone Memory in Dionne Brand’s Ossuaries | Tanis MacDonald

6. Mediation and Remediation in Carlos Fuentes’s The Old Gringo | John Dean

Part III Recuperating Lives: Memory and Life Writing

7. Resisting Holocaust Memory: Recuperating a Compromised Life | Marlene Kadar

8. “In Auschwitz There Is a Great House”: The Location of Memory and Identity in the Roma Porrajmos (Devouring) or Holocaust | Sheelagh Russell-Brown

9. Autobiography and the Validation of Memory in Neil M. Gunns’s The Atom of Delight | K.J. Keir

Part IV Cinematic Remediations: Memory and History

10. La Jetée and 12 Monkeys: Memory and History at Odds | Amresh Sinha

11. The Traces of “A Half-Remembered Dream”: Christopher Nolan’s Inception (2010), Wong Kar-wai’s 2046 (2004), and the Memory Film | Anders Bergstrom

12. “You must remember this ...”: Watching Casablanca with Marc Augé | Graeme Gilloch

13. The Cinema of Simulation: Hyper-Histories and (Un)Popular Memory in The Good German (2006) and Inglourious Basterds (2009) | Stefan Sereda

Part V Multi-Media Interventions: Television, Video, and Collective Memory

14. The Heritage Minutes: Nostalgia, Nationalism, and Canadian Collective Memory | Erin Peters

15. Disaster and Trauma in Rescue Me, Saving Grace, and Treme: Commercial Television’s Contributions to Ideas about Memorials | John McCullough

16. Creative Re-enactment in the Films and Videos of Omer Fast | Kate Warren

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