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Table of Contents for
Narrative in the Feminine: Daphne Marlatt and Nicole Brossard by Susan Knutson

List of Figures




Part One: Gender and Narrative Grammar

1. Writing Women: Some Introductory Questions

2. Theories of the (Masculine) Generic

3. Narrative, Gnosis, Cognition, Knowing: Em[+female]bodied Narrative and the Reinvention of the World

Part Two: A Narratological Reading of How Hug a Stone

4. Fabula: Beyond Quest Teleology

5. Story: Where the Body Is Written

6. Textual Subjectivity, Marlatt’s i/eye

7. Intertextual Narrative

Part Three: A Narratological Reading of Picture Theory

8. Fabula: Hologram

9. Story: The Holographic Plate

10. Text: In Which the Reader Sees a Hologram in Her Mind’s Eye

11. Intertextual Metanarrative

Part Four: Afterword

12. In the Feminine

Part Five: Bibliography, Appendix and Index


Appendix: Daphne Marlatt’s Bibliography