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Table of Contents for
Anthologizing Canadian Literature: Theoretical and Cultural Perspectives, edited by Robert Lecker

Introduction | Robert Lecker

Anthems and Anthologies | Richard Cavell

The Poetry of the Canoe: William Douw Lighthall’s Songs of the Great Dominion | D.M.R. Bentley

Publication, Performances, and Politics: The “Indian Poems” of E. Pauline Johnson / Tekhionwake (1861-1913) and Duncan Campbell Scott (1862-1947) | Margery Fee

Excerpts of Exploration Writing in Anthologies of English-Canadian Literature | Cheryl Cundell

Anthologies and the Canonization Process: A Case Study of the English-Canadian Literary Field, 1920-1950 | Peggy Kelly

Nation Building, Literary Tradition, and English-Canadian Anthologies: Presentations of John Richardson and Susanna Moodie in Anthologies of the 1950s and 1960s | Bonnie Hughes

Anthology on the Radio: Robert Weaver and CBC Radio’s Anthology | Joel Deshaye

Canadian Literary Anthologies through the Lens of Publishing History: A Preliminary Exploration of Historical Trends to 1997 | Janet B. Friskney

Confessions of an Unrepentant Anthologist | Gary Geddes

The Poet-Editor and the Small Press: Michael Ondaatje and the Long Poem Anthology | Karis Shearer

Why So Serious? The Quirky Canadian Anthology | Lorraine York

Reading Anthologies | Frank Davey

The Poet and Her Library: Anthologies Read, Anthologies Made | Anne Compton