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Table of Contents for
“I want to join your club”: Letters from Rural Children, 1900–1920, edited by Norah L. Lewis

Preface | Neil Sutherland



“We Were Nine Days Coming Out”: By Ship, by Train, by Wagon

“I Have Two Sisters and a Brother”: Family and Community Life

“We Have No School Here”: Education and Schooling

“I Have a Pony”: Children and Their Pets

“I Want to Tell You of the Fun We Had Today”: Games, Hobbies, Clubs, and Community Events

“I Have Been Trapping This Year”: Hunting, Trapping, and Fishing

“My Father Is Both Fisherman and Farmer”: Occupations and Vocations

“I Shall be a Farmer”: Life and Work on the Farm and Ranch

“A Story That Is a Little Tragic”: Drama, Trauma, and Childhood Adventures

“My Father Has Enlisted”: Children and the First World War

“I Worked in a Pulp-Mill”: Part of the Work Force