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Table of Contents for
Freedom to Play: We Made Our Own Fun, edited by Norah L. Lewis

List of Illustrations



Go Outside and Play

The Fair Land | Anna V.M. Robinson

Happy Mountaineers | Anna V.M. Robinson

Good Times at Oakville | Fanny Heeks

The Absolute Freedom We Had | Don Clay

A Trip on a Steamer | Helga Erlindson

Wild Flowers | Wild Rose

We Were Free to Roam | Eileen Scott Campbell

Untitled | A Farmer Boy

We Always Found Something to Do | R.B. Green

I Was Into Everything When It Came to Sports | Earl Sherman

Songs to Sing, Games to Play, and Places to Explore | Peggy Sherman

When Our Parents Were Away | Rex G. Krepps

Growing Up in North-Central British Columbia | Dick Saunders

Rattles and Steadies: Memoirs of a Gander River Man | Gary L. Saunders

I Can’t Remember a Dull Moment | Judy Wells

The Effects of a Distant War | Paul Barker

My Games Parallel My Life | Kim Gosse Hilliard

Playing Is Playing When Shared

Maple Leaf Club Picnic | Ethel Swan

Strange Bedfellows | Chick/p>

The Kay Children

Scouts and Smoking

The Very Best Time for Us | Barry Broadfoot

School Field Day | Janet McNab

Sports Were Fine | Byron Kingsbury

Went to Picnic in an Ox Cart | Ellsworth V. Griffin

Going to Make a Playhouse | Margaret Muskett

Boys’ Farming Club | Reggie Meeks

From Small Town to Big City | Ann Thrasher

Camp Fire Girl | Hattie Morrill

A Charivari | Iola Crouse

How I Had Fun as a Kid | Ivy Moulton

We Had Freedom Galore | Dawn McKim

More Praise for the Red Cross | Wilhemena Rosin

Being Youngest Had Its Advantages | Bill Wells

Growing Up in the Ottawa Area | Janet Reid

Cut Outs and Other Games | Janet Marshall

Dauphin Fair | Olga Kudurudz

Untitled | Mary Kett

Camping with the Guides | Nellie Mailie

Boy Scout Week | Pathfinder-in-Chief

A Very Busy Childhood | Jean Wilson

Through the Eyes of a Newcomer | Tony Plomp

Paper Doll Poems | Polly King

Playing Is Playing Games

We Knew How to Have Fun | Henry Barone

Lefty Wilson and the Naked Lady | Hal C. Sisson

A Fine Coasting Tray | Mariposa Lily

Made a Pair of Skis | Clarence Orser

Tennis and Golf | Anemone

The Games Kids (Used to) Play | Ida Trudgeon

A Game of War | Laura Whitelaw

A Skating Party | Ruth Pinder

Making a Rink | Theodore Holden

We Organized Ourselves | Freda Mallory

Every Season Had Its Activities | Margaret Walker

A Skating Party | Gwyneth Davies

Games of War | Fred Greaves

Scotch Games at Banff | Walter Kenyon

Palying Marbles the St. John’s Way | Helen Porter

Childhood Games in the Yukon in the 1930s | Hugh and Jim McCullum

Growing Up in Quebec | Margaret Nichols

There Were Lots of Playmates | Lis Schmidt Robert

Spring Sport

Seems Like Old Times | Helen Hansen

A “Mulligan” Roast | Olive Kataskuk

Creating Their Own Equipment

Insect Collection | Evan Shute

A Mechanical Leaf | Simon Gaudet

Enjoys Doing Fretwork | Danny Goosen

Building Boats Along the Skeena | E.H. Harris

Birds Returning | Margaret Dwyer

Whoopie Ti Yi Yo! | Carl Victor Friesen

Infected by a Radio Bug | Rolland Lewis

Alone but Not Lonely | Marilyn Barker

It Was a Magical Time | Audrey Kendall

Try Crab-apple Pie | Hollyhock

I Made My Own Toys | Glen Sullivan

Seepeetza Gets a Doll | Shirley Sterling

Animals: Friend, Foe, or Food

Hunting Gophers in Saskatchewan | Harold Zwick

Very Special Friends | Ken Strong

A Young Sportsman | Fred J. Bicknell

Fond of Hunting | Arthur Kay

Our Duck Hunt | Lloyd Essex

Bunny for a Playmate | Everett Sharpe

A Wonderful Pony | Hazel M. Buckler

Feeding the Birds | Richard Asher

Jottings for My Family | Laurena Saunders

There Was Always Something To Do

A Picnic Excursion | Johnstone Willett

A Bob Sled | Ernest Q. Herne

A School Picnic | Gladys M. Davidson

Christmas in a Prison Camp | Shizuye Takashima

Celebrating Chinese New Year | Sing Lim

Oh! My Poor Duck | Andy MacDonald

Space, Freedom, Active, Love | Ian and Lee Rennie

Victoria Day in Ponoka | Lis Schmidt Robert

A Lot of Strenuous Outdoor Fun | Norman St. Clair-Sulis

Fun Was Seasonal in Edmonton | W.J. Phillips

Across the Prairies on a Pony | Rural

My Favourite Pastime Was Going Trouting | Nick Green

A Very Special Time | Donna Palmer Ebbutt