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Table of Contents for
Ink Against the Devil: Luther and His Opponents by Harry Loewen

Foreword by Walter Klaassen


1. In Search of a Gracious God

2. Luther’s Early Red-Hot Pen

3. Dissenting Groups and Why They Opposed Luther

4. The Enemies Within: Luther and the Wittenberg Radicals

5. “The Soft-Living Flesh of Wittenberg”: Luther’s Struggle and the Revolutionaries

6. “I Commanded Them to be Killed”: Luther and the Peasants

7. Two Riders of the Human Will: Luther Opposes Erasmus and Humanism

8. Luther Knew and Opposed the Evangelical Anabaptists

9. “I Told You So”: Luther and the Anabaptist Kingdom in Münster

10. Much Ado about Spirit and Matter: Luther and the Spiritualists

11. Three in One and One in Three? Luther Opposes the Rationalists

12. To Believe What You Like? Luther and His Opponents on Tolerance and Religious Liberty

13. “Drive Them Out of the Land!” Luther on the Jews

14. The Cross and the Crescent: Luther Opposes the Turks and Islam

15. “An Institution of the Devil!”: Luther’s Last Battle Against the Papacy

16. Conclusion and Evaluation


Selected Bibliography