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Table of Contents for
Engendering Transnational Voices: Studies in Family, Work, and Identity, edited by Guida Man and Rina Cohen

Introduction: Engendering Transnational Voice | Rina Cohen and Guida Man

Part I: Experiencing Transnational Family Lives

1. Gulf Husbands and Canadian Wives: Transnationalism from Below among South Asians—A Classed, Gendered, and Racialized Phenomenon | Tania Das Gupta

2. Maintaining Families Through Transnational Strategies: The Experience of Mainland Chinese Immigrant Women in Canada | Guida Man

3. Intergenerational and Transnational Familyhood in Canada’s Technology Triangle | Amrita Hari

4. Transnational Family Exchanges in Senior Canadian Immigrant Families | Nancy Mandell, Katharine King, Valerie Preston, Natalie Weiser, Ann Kim, and Meg Luxton

Part II: Negotiating Transnational Care Work

5. Multidirectional Care in Filipino Families | Valerie Francisco

6. Transnationalism and Remittances: The Double-edged Position of Transmigrant Women Engaged in the Domestic Service Sector | Patience Elabor-Idemudia

7. Mothering Has No Borders: The Transnational Kinship Networks of Undocumented Jamaican Domestic Workers in Canada | Susan M. Brigham

8. Transnational Motherhood: Constructing Intergenerational Relations Between Filipina Migrant Workers and Their Children | Rina Cohen

Part III: Constructing Transnational Cultural Identities

9. Living Up to Expectations: 2nd and 1.5-Generation Immigrant Students’ Pursuit of University Education | Leanne Taylor and Carl E. James

10. Family, Religion, and the Re-territorialization of Culture within the South Asian Diaspora | Lina Samuel

11. Transnational Activism: An Asian Canadian Case | Xiaoping Li

Part IV: Contesting Hegemonic Discourses and Reshaping Transnational Social Spaces

12. Structuring Transnationalism: The Mothering Discourse and the Educational Project | Ann Kim

13. Producing Refugees and Trafficked Persons: Women, Unaccompanied Minors and Discourses of Criminalized Victimhood | Hijin Park

14. Field Correspondence: Exploring the Roots of the Transnational Habitus | Christine Hughes

15. Migrant Networks: Peruvian Women (Re)Shaping Social Spaces in Madrid | Felipe Rubio