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Table of Contents for
By Word of Mouth: The Poetry of Dennis Cooley, selected with an introduction by Nicole Markotić

Foreword | Neil Besner

Biographical Note

Introduction: By Word of Mouth: An Introduction to Dennis Cooley’s Poetry | Nicole Markotić

A Poem for You, Leaving Winnipeg


“& we are skinbags of heated water    dreaming”

in his tangerine skin

the love song of j l krafchenko or the trans canada in (trance crypt

Sonya Orlowsky

Paul sd


I think “ego”; ergo I am


anatomy of love

prairie romance

behind the door

moon musings

holy cow

inner ear

my eye

melodious rhyme

he replies to his critics


“In Germany cooley is a migrant labourer”

“Wished we had the camera for David”

winnipeg in winter

a series of shocking pre-positions

“mother tongue”

“this on remembrance weekend”

“bodies are”

jack’s dictionary of cunning linguists

blood brothers

red men ace


the red /emption of blood

“& not that he’s wrong”

“& a crate of apples could i suppose”

“& listening to night sticky with sweat”

after words | Dennis Cooley

Selected Cooley Poems: Sources