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Table of Contents for
Florence Nightingale at First Hand by Lynn McDonald

List of Figures

List of Illustrations


Dramatis Personae

A Quick Sketch of Florence Nightingale’s Life

1. The Making of Florence Nightingale

Faith and Church

Domestic Arrangements, Friends, the Arts

Illness and Working Style

Companion Animals and Love of Nature

Last Days, Will and Death

2. The Social Reformer

Science, Law and Probability

Social Class, Government and Politics

Women and Family

Suggestions for Thought

3. War

The Crimean War

Nightingale’s “Confidential Report”

War Office Reform

The Geneva Convention, the Franco-Prussian War and Militarism

Militarism and the Causes of War

4. Health Care, Nursing and Midwifery

Nightingale’s Approach to Health and Healing

The Nightingale System of Nursing

The Influence of Nightingale Nursing Worldwide

The Evolution of Nursing Practice

Midwifery Training and Maternity Care

District Nursing

5. Workhouse Infirmaries and Hospitals

Workhouse Infirmary Reform

Safer Hospitals

6. India and Empire

Imperialism, Racism and Independence


Indian Women

7. Nightingale’s Legacy


Recommended Sources on Florence Nightingale