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Table of Contents for
Florence Nightingale: An Introduction to Her Life and Family: Collected Works of Florence Nightingale, Volume 1, edited by Lynn McDonald


Dramatis Personae

List of Illustrations

Introduction to the Collected Works

Thematic Organization

Electronic and Print Publication

An Outline of Florence Nightingale’s Life

Faith and Church

Early Writing: Suggestions for Thought (1852–60)

Celibacy and Suitors

First Work in Nursing: Harley Street (1853–54)

The Crimean War (1854–56)

First Royal Commission, on the Army (1856–59)

Illness and Invalidism

Second Royal Commission, on India (1858–63)

Working Style (1859–99)

Opposition to Registration of Nurses (1887–94)

Domestic Arrangements and Expenditures


The Arts

Love of Nature and Companion Animals

Death Rituals

Last Days, Will and Death


Law, Probability and Application

Positivism and Idealism


Natural Science

The Italian Connection

Government and Politics

The Family and Individuals

Social Class and Caste

Gender Roles and Status of Women

Empire and Imperialism

War and Militarism

Approach to Health Care


Key to Editing

Family Life

Nightingale’s “Lebenslauf” for Kaiserwerth

Notes on Her Parents and Sister

Letters to, from and about Nightingale’s Immediate Family

Mother, Frances “Fanny” Nightingale

Father, W.E. Nightingale

Sister, Parthenope, Lady Verney

Letters to, from and about Nightingale’s Extended Family

Grandmother, Mary Shore

The Bonham Carter Family

The Nicholson Family

The Smith Family

The Verney Family

Godchildren and Namesakes

Domestic Arrangements

Food Orders and Recipes

Expenditures and Donations

Cat Care

Letters to, for and about Domestic Employees

“Waifs and Strays”

Appendix A: Biographical Sketches

The Nightingale Family

The Shore Family

The Smith Family

Father: William Edward Nightingale (1794–1874)

Mother: Frances (Fanny) Nightingale (1788–1880)

Sister: Frances Parthenope, Lady Verney (1819–90)

Uncle Samuel and Aunt Mary Shore Smith

(Sir) Harry Verney (1801–94)

Edmund Hope Verney (1838–1910) and Margaret Verney (1844–1930)

Blanche Smith, Arthur Hugh Clough and Arthur Clough

Appendix B: The Rise and Fall of Florence Nightingale’s Reputation

Appendix C: Florence Nightingale’s Family Tree

Appendix D: Florence Nightingale’s Last Will and Codicils

Appendix E: Research Methods and Sources

Electronic Data Bases